Group of Volunteers


In 2009, a number of agencies that feed the hungry had their funding cut for Thanksgiving. A group of Oklahoma Attorneys decided to step up and help these groups out by raising funds to purchase the needed turkeys.

In 2010, Noble McIntyre of McIntyre Law in Oklahoma City and Hugh M. Robert of Sherwood, McCormick & Robert in Tulsa decided to make the event even bigger. Noble contacted a food distribution agency about purchasing Thanksgiving meals to be distributed in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. More than 50 firms and attorney contributed to the effort and over 750 hundred boxes of pre-packaged Thanksgiving meals were purchased and distributed in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Over $30,000 was raised from lawyers/members of the Oklahoma Association for Justice which was used to purchase the meals. Those generous financial commitments came from lawyers all over the state allowed the group to provide food for 4200 hungry Oklahomans.

As the need to feed the hungry in Oklahoma grew, David Bernstein of Bernstein Law Firm in Norman joined efforts in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. The three formed Lawyers Against Hunger, Inc. a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting hunger. This allowed all three to fundraise for Thanksgiving and keep funds donated in each donor’s community.